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Law and Common Prosperity Series

Reforming Labor Rights for Gig Workers


      Date: November 3, 2021, 12:30 — 14:00 HKT

      Speaker: Professor Jianfeng Shen

       Language: Putonghua



工業化時代到來後,調整用工關係的法律規則譜系呈現為獨立勞動者、類勞動者以及勞動者一分為三的格局。 在此後的發展中,類勞動者萎縮,獨立勞動者式微,勞動關係用工一枝獨秀。 在數字時代,去勞動關係化加速,勞動法陷入功能和存續危機。 為解決此問題,出現四種不同方案,但卻導致勞動法調整對象的混沌化,要實現從混沌到有序應引入類型思維的法學方法。 類勞動者本身並不是一個概念而是一種類型。



沈建峰,法學博士,中央財經大學教授,碩士生導師,中國社會法學研究會常務理事兼勞動法分會副秘書長,全國工商聯法律和勞動關係委員會委員,北京市勞動和社會保障法學會理事兼勞動法分會副會長,北京市工商聯民營經濟健康發展法治環境建設專門委員會委員。 2009年6月至2010年8月獲得洪堡基金會「聯邦德國總理獎學金」,赴德國波恩大學訪學。 2013年入選北京市青年英才計劃。 近年來,用中文、德文在《法學研究》《中外法學》《法學》等雜誌發表文章50餘篇,其中18篇為CSSCI來源期刊,15篇被人大報刊複印資料全文轉載。 出版專著2部,譯著《德國勞動法》等2部,參著《外國勞動法學》《勞動爭議處理》等多部著作,作為審稿專家參與了人社部主編《勞動人事爭議仲裁辦案與組織規則釋義》,主持國家社科基金專項重大課題、國家社科基金一般課題、教育部人文社會科學基金課題、中國法學會部級課題、人力資源和社會保障部委託課題等科研專案。 先後榮獲第二屆首都優秀法學成果三等獎一次,北京市勞動和社會保障法學會論文評比一等獎,中國社會法學會優秀青年論文三等獎、二等獎等多次。 近年來,先後受各級人社部門、工會以及法院邀請就勞動法、工會法以及勞動爭議處理問題開設專題講座。

Jianfeng Shen is a Doctor of Law, Professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, graduate program tutor, Standing Director of the China Society of Social Law and Deputy Secretary-General of the Labor Law Branch, Member of the Law and Labor Relations Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Director of the  Beijing Labor and Social Security Law Society and Vice President of the Law Branch, and member of the Special Committee for the Healthy Development of the Private Economy of the Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce Rule of Law Committee. From June 2009 to August 2010, he won the "Federal German Chancellor Scholarship" from the Humboldt Foundation and went to the University of Bonn in Germany for a study tour. In 2013, he was accepted into the Beijing Youth Talents Program. In recent years, more than 50 articles have been published in Chinese and German journals such as "Law Research", "Sino-Foreign Law", "Law", among which 18 are CSSCI source journals, and 15 have been reprinted in full by NPC newspapers and periodicals. Professor Shen has published 2 monographs, has translated "German Labor Law" and 2 other books, and contributed to Foreign Labor Law", "Labor Dispute Handling" and other works. He has presided over various projects carried out by the National Social Sciences Fund and the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Chinese Law Society, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and other empirical research projects. He has successively won the third prize of the Second Capital Outstanding Legal Achievement Award, the first prize of the Beijing Labor and Social Security Law Society Paper Evaluation, and the third and second prize of Excellent Youth Papers of the Chinese Society of Social Law. In recent years, he has been invited to give lectures on labor law, labor union law, and labor dispute handling by the human resources and social departments at all levels, labor unions, and courts.



任容慶,法學博士,博士後,阿里本地生活法律政策研究中心主任。 中國行為法學會理事,南開大學房地產法與破產法研究中心研究員,北方工業大學校外研究生導師。Rongqing Ren, obtained her doctorate in law and is a postdoctoral fellow. She is the Director of Ali Local Life Legal Policy Research Center and is also the director of the Chinese Society of Behavioral Law, a researcher at the Real Estate Law and Bankruptcy Law Research Center at Nankai University, and a visiting postgraduate tutor at North China University of Technology.




張湖月博士, 香港大學中國法研究中心主任
Dr. Angela Zhang, Director of the Centre for Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong

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