The Legal Challenges Arising from the Great US-China Decoupling

(9 May, 2020)

The great US-China decoupling is under way.  It will reshape the legal landscape in both the United States and China, with far-reaching impact on the rest of the world.  In this conference, we bring together leading scholars in law, economics and political science from both the United States and China to discuss and debate the various legal issues arising from the growing US-China tension. 

Panel I: Trump’s Impact on Global Trade Law and Institutions

Panel II: The Long Arm of US Law and the Weaponized Interdependence

Panel III: China’s New Economic Order


Invited Speakers, among others:

- Zhiwu Chen (陳志武)

  (Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics, HKU Director of the Asia Global Institute)


- Yang Guohua (楊國華)

(Professor, Tsinghua University School of Law)


- Greg Shaffer

(Chancellor’s Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine)


- Mark Wu

(Henry L. Stimson Professor, Harvard Law School)


- Wang Xixin (王錫鋅)

(Professor, Peking University Law School)

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