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Our Centre

Philip K.H. Wong Centre for Chinese Law (formerly the Centre for Chinese Law) was set up within the Faculty of Law in 2009. Our objectives include the promotion of Chinese law research and the teaching of Chinese law at all levels. Through organizing numerous events and bolstering our academic connections, we have become a world class academic centre. 

The Centre serves as a bridge that connects both legal communities and civil society sectors in the mainland with the international community to promote free, open dialogue and knowledge exchange. In our efforts towards this aim, we have filled a critical knowledge gap by organizing platforms and providing networking opportunities between civil society and academia. Moreover, our capacity to provide knowledge and insight has been recognized by leading media outlets who frequently reach out to our faculty to comment on the latest issues. 


The Centre was renamed in honour of a very generous donation from the Philip K.H. Wong Foundation. Dr. Philip K.H. Wong (BA 1955; HonLLD 1996), the founder of the Foundation, was a respected member of the legal profession, and served as a Council Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong. He had taken up several distinguished roles in the HKU community, and has been a contant benefactor to various initiatives of HKU. Since its establishment, the Foundation has offered financial support to 6 universities in Hong Kong and 11 universities in mainland China; thousands of students have benefited. Looking ahead, it will continue to root for educational endeavours and to contribute to China’s continual development.

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