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Latest Publication

Selected Books 


Political Censorship in British Hong Kong
Freedom of Expression and the Law (1842–1997)

(Cambridge University Press, August 2022)

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Haochen Sun 

Technology and the Public Interest

(Cambridge University Press, April 2022)

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Michael Ng & Kevin Tan

Constitutional Foundings in Northeast Asia

(Hart Publishing, December 2021)

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Anselmo Reyes & Weixia Gu

Multi-Tier Approaches to the Resolution of International Disputes
A Global and Comparative Study

(Cambridge University Press, 2021)

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Shahla F. Ali

Forming Transnational Dispute Settlement Norms : Soft Law and the Role of UNCITRAL's Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific

(City University of Hong Kong Press, 2021)

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James D. Fry, Bryane Michael and Natasha Pushkarna

The values of international organizations

(Manchester University Press, August 2021)

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Selected Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Yongxi Chen 陳咏𤋮.JPG

Yongxi Chen

From Datafication to Data State: Making Sense of China’s Social Credit System and Its Implications

(SSRN, 5 Jan 2022)

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Angela Zhang

Agility Over Stability: China’s Great Reversal in Regulating the Platform Economy

(SSRN, 6 Aug 2021)

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Gu Weixia 顧維遐.jpg

Weixia Gu

China's Law and Development: A Case Study of the China International Commercial Court

Harvard International Law Journal, Forthcoming

(SSRN, 20 Apr 2021)

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Haochen Sun

Bridging the Digital Chasm through the Fundamental Right to Technology

28 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy 75 (2020)

(SSRN, 14 May 2021)

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Prof Douglas W. Arner, Dr Giuliano Castellano, Eriks Selga

The Transnational Data Governance Problem

(Under Review by SSRN, 27 Aug 2021)

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Zhang Xianchu

"Bankruptcy Law in China" in Company Law in Hong Kong: Insolvency 2021 ed. by Stefan Lo (Bloomsbury, December 2020), Chapter 14

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Selected Media and Blog Articles

Richard Cullen (Interview)

National security law supports continued stability in Hong Kong

Global Times (8 July 2021)

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Richard Cullen

Comparative National Security Law: Australia and Singapore

China Daily (6 July 2021)

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Albert HY Chen (Perspective and Citations)


MingPao (1 July 2021)

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Faculty of Law

Hong Kong National Security Law Webinar Series (Updated as at November 10, 2020)

Watch Video Archive

Hong Kong National Security Law 

Law and Economics

Angela Zhang

Didi's failure to listen forces rewrite of Chinese tech listing rules

Nikkei Asia (9 July 2021)

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Angela Zhang (Interview)

China Is Concerned of Cross-Border Data Transfer: Zhang

Bloomberg (6 July 2021)

Video (YouTube)

Angela Zhang (Interview)

China’s Regulatory War on Ant

Project Syndicate (12 Mar 2021)

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US Sanctions on China

Richard Cullen

White Man’s Media: anxious and aggressive


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Angela Zhang

China is Leaning into Antitrust Regulation to Stay Competitive with the U.S. 

Fortune (9 Feb 2021)

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Angela Zhang

Coronavirus-related US lawsuits against China risk a further worsening of relations, and could backfire

South China Morning Post (11 May 2020)

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