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Regulating Chinese Online Platforms: Challenges and Trends

​Date: June 17, 2023 (Saturday) 
日期: 2023年6月17日 (星期六)
Time: 09:00 – 17:50 
時間: 09:00 – 17:50

Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, HKU
地點: 香港大學鄭裕彤教學樓 11樓 學術會議室

Mode: In-person 
形式: 現場參與,不設網上直播
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The PRC Constitution and Social Transformation: A Historical Analysis of Development


​⽇期 : 2023年6⽉5⽇ (星期⼀) 
時間 : 17:30 – 19:30 
地點:⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤教學樓 11樓 學術會議室
語⾔:普通話 (To be conducted in Putonghua) 
此講座正在向⾹港律師會申請 CPD 2分
講座通過線上和線下的⽅式舉⾏ (但需CPD者須現場參加)
Format: *Hybrid-mode - Online participation is available*

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International Speaker Series 2022-2023

Ideological Foundations of Qing Taxation: Belief Systems, Politics, and Institutions
May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) 12:00 - 13:00 HKT (Language: English) 

Speaker: Professor Taisu Zhang, Yale University 

Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, HKU (Also available on Zoom) 

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Previous Events 

A Cohesive Framework to Regulate Generative AI Technologies

⽇期時間 : 2023年4⽉28⽇ (星期五)12:00 – 13:00
Date & Time: April 28, 2023 (Friday) 12:00 – 13:00
地點: (本講座不設網上直播 ) ⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤樓 11樓 學術會議室
Venue: (In-person only) Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The University of Hong Kong

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Distinguished Mainland China Scholars Series

Governance and Law in a Digital Society 數字化社會的治理與法律

April 24, 2023 (Monday) 12:00 – 13:00 HKT (Language: Putonghua)

Speaker: Professor Weidong Ji

Moderator: Professor Sida Liu​

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Relationship between Contemporary Public Property and Power and Rights — Investigation of State Budgetary Revenues and Expenditures
童之偉: 當代公共財產與權力、權利的關係——結合若干國家預算收支狀況的考察 

⽇期時間 : 2023年5⽉2⽇ (星期二)12:00 – 13:00
Date & Time: May 2, 2023 (Tuesday) 12:00 – 13:00
地點: ⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤樓7樓723室
Venue: Room 723, 7/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The University of Hong Kong

Power, Rights, “Faquan”, and Property: An Economic Analysis of the Distribution of Power and Rights
童之偉: 權力、權利、法權與財產: 權力和權利的分配的經濟學分析

​⽇期時間 : 2023年5⽉4⽇ (星期四)17:30 – 18:30
Date & Time: May 4, 2023 (Thursday) 17:30 – 18:30
地點: ⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤樓11樓學術會議室
Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The University of Hong Kong

⼀樁刑案,兩個故事 —— 對“於歡案”⼆審判決的分析

⽇期 : 2023年3⽉14⽇ (星期⼆)

時間 : 12:00 – 13:00

地點: ⾹港⼤學鄭裕彤樓7樓723室

講者: 梁治平教授

Chinese Aircraft Grounded at Kai Tak 1949-1952

February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) 12:30 - 13:30 HKT (Language: English)

Speaker: Malcolm Merry

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

Legal Reform in Contemporary China
December 20, 2022 (Tue) 12:30 - 13:30 HKT (Language: English)

Speaker: Professor Ngoc Son Bui, University of Oxford

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

One Country Two Systems and Cross-Border Legal Harmonization

November 5, 2022 (Sat), 09:00 — 18:00 HKT

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The Law and Geopolitics Series

US Delisting of Chinese Companies: Prospects and Challenges
April 22, 2022 (Fri), 13:00 — 14:00 HKT

Fang Liu, Partner, Clifford Chance LLP

Paul Gillis, Professor, Peking University

Luo Yan, Partner, Covington & Burling LLP

Video Link

Sanctions Law in the Russia-Ukraine War

April 1, 2022 (Fri), 09:30 — 10:30 HKT

Mr. Benjamin Kostrzewa, Counsel at Hogan Lovells 

Video Link


International Speaker Series 2022-2023

The Cashless Revolution: China's Reinvention of Money and the End of America's Domination of Finance and Technology
March 29, 2023 (Wednesday) 09:30 - 10:30 HKT (Language: English) 

Speaker: Martin Chorzempa, The Peterson Institute for International Economics

Professor Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor In Law, The University of Hong Kong

Zoom only

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

A Fireside Chat with Benjamin Liebman on Chinese Judicial Trend
January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) 15:30 - 16:30 HKT (Language: English)

Speaker: Professor Benjamin Liebman, Columbia Law School

Discussants: Professor Hualing Fu, University of Hong Kong

                 Professor Xin He, University of Hong Kong

Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, HKU (in-person only)

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

Legal Systems Inside Out: American Legal Exceptionalism and China’s Dream of Legal Cosmopolitanism
February 3, 2023 (Friday) 12:00 - 13:00 HKT (Language: English)

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Erie, University of Oxford

Discussant: Dr. Jedidiah Kroncke, University of Hong Kong

Venue: Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, HKU (in-person only)

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

International Speaker Series 2021-2022

Political Censorship in British Hong Kong: Freedom of Expression and the Law (1842–1997)
November 28, 2022 (Mon) 16:00 - 17:00 HKT (Language: Cantonese)

Speaker: Dr. Michael Ng, University of Hong Kong

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Chip War: The Fight for the World's Most Critical Technology

October 27, 2022 (Thu) 20:00 - 21:00 HKT

Speaker: Dr. Christopher Miller, Tufts University  

Discussant: Paul Triolo, Albright Stonebridge Group

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

Banking on Beijing: The Aims and Impacts of China's Overseas Development Program

September 29, 2022 (Thu), 20:30 - 21:30 HKT

Speaker: Dr. Austin Strange, University of Hong Kong
Discussant: Dr. Meg Rithmire, Harvard Business School

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

How Big-Tech Barons Smash Innovation―and How to Strike Back
September 8, 2022 (Thu), 20:30 - 21:30 HKT


Professor Ariel Ezrachi, University of Oxford

Professor Maurice Stucke, University of Tennessee 
Discussant: Kelvin Kwok, University of Hong Kong

Watch previous video: Please click HERE

Institutional Proximity and Judicial Corruption in China

March 18, 2022 (Fri), 20:00 — 21:00 HKT

Speaker: Dr. Sida Liu, University of Toronto 

Video Link

Six Faces of Globalization

​February 25, 2022 (Fri) 12:30 — 13:30 HKT

Speaker: Professor Anthea Roberts, Australian National University


Professor Richard Cullen, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Jedidiah Kroncke, The University of Hong Kong  

Video Link

Citizen Participation and Government Accountability: National-Scale Experimental Evidence from Pollution Appeals in China 

January 28, 2022 (Fri) 12:30 — 13:30 HKT

Speaker: Dr. Shaoda Wang, University of Chicago


Dr. John Liu, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Ying Xia, The University of Hong Kong

Video Link

“The Confucianization of Law” Revisited: Informal Institutions in the Chinese Bureaucracy 

October 29, 2021 (Fri) 12:30 — 13:30 HKT

Speaker: Professor Xueguang Zhou, Stanford University 

Discussant: Professor Jin Li, The University of Hong Kong

Video Link

The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality 

September 15, 2021 (Fri) 20:00 — 21:00 HKT

Speaker: Professor Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School

Discussant: Dr. Jedidiah Kroncke, The University of Hong Kong

Video Link

Disaggregating China, Inc.: State Strategies in the Liberal Economic Order
April 8, 2022 (Fri), 12:30 — 13:30 HKT

Dr. Yeling Tan, University of Oregon 

Video Link

Illiberal Law in American Courts
May 6, 2022 (Fri), 20:30 — 21:30 HKT

Mark Jia, Harvard Law School 

Video Link

Law and Common Prosperity Series

The Impact of the Draft Amendment of the Company Law on Corporate Governance in China

​February 11, 2022 (Fri) 13:30 — 14:30 HKT

Speaker: Dr. Bin Zeng, Zhejiang Tiance (Shenzhen) Law Firm

Discussant: Dr. Chun Zhou, Zhejiang University  

Video Link

Reforming Labor Rights for Gig Workers 

November 3, 2021 (Wed) 12:30 — 14:00 (HKT) 

Speaker: Dr. Jianfeng Shen, Central University of Finance and Economics

Discussant: Dr. Rongqing Ren, Ali Local Life Service

Video Link

Labor Rights and Insurance for Gig Workers 

October 6, 2021 (Wed) 12:30 — 14:00 (HKT) 

Speaker: Professor Yu Lou, China University of Political Science and Law

Discussant: Dr. Xuduo Meng, Meituan Institute for Legal Policy

Video Link

Taxing China’s Ultra-Rich and Digital Giants 

September 29, 2021 (Wed) 12:30 — 14:00 (HKT) 

Speaker: Dr. Yue Dai, Shanghai University of Finance and  Economics

Discussant: Dr. Angela Zhang, The University of Hong Kong

Video Link

China’s Great Reversal in Regulating the Platform Economy 

September 3, 2021 (Wed) 13:00 — 14:00 (HKT)

Speaker: Dr. Angela Zhang

Relevant Paper to this Talk

Personal Information Protection Law Workshop Series

Supervision of Personal Information Protection on Chinese Online Platforms 

August 26, 2021
Speaker: Professor Hong Yanqing, Beijing Institute of Technology

Discussant: Ms Wang Rong, ChinaInfo100 Special Researcher

Video Link

Extraterritorial Application of China's Personal Information Protection Law and Cross-Border Personal Information 

July 26, 2021

Speaker: Ms Sandra Liu, Head of Privacy, Asia at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) 

Discussant: Ms Yan Luo, Partner at Covington and Burling
Video Link

The Structure and Mechanism of China's Personal Information Protection Law

June 29, 2021
Speaker: Associate Professor Xu Ke, Huiyuan University of International Business and Economics

Discussant: Mr. Yu Fang, The Internet Law Research Center of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Video Link

Other events

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Influenced the Growth and Regulation of Online Mediation in China and the United States?

August 11, 2022

Speaker: Mr. Charles Mak, University of Glasgow

Video Link

China and Investor - State Dispute Settlement: Status Quo and Beyond

​February 18, 2022 (Fri) 16:30 — 18:00 HKT


Prof. Weixia Gu (Moderator), University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law (Hong Kong, China) 
Prof. Manjiao Chi, University of International Business and Economics Law School (China) 
Prof. Yuwen Li, Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Law (the Netherlands) 
Mr. Qing Ren, Global Law Firm (China) 
Ms. Mariana Zhong, Hui Zhong Law Firm (China)

Event Abstract

Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law and the Chinese Sanctions System

July 8, 2021

Speaker: Professor Shiping Liao, Beijing Normal University

Event Abstract

Equality Rights project

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Summit on Gender-based Violence

June 16-18, 2021

Chinese Contract Law and the 2020 Civil Code

May 10, 2021

Speaker: Dr Mimi Zou, Law at the University of Reading and co-founder of the Oxford Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab

Video Link

Zombie Legal Reform: Judicial and Administrative Law Developments after the Fourth Plenum

May 5, 2021 

Speaker: Neysun Mahboubi, University of Pennsylvania

Video Link

Divorce in China: Institutional Constraints and Gendered Outcomes

April 13, 2021 

Speaker: Professor Xin He, The University of Hong Kong

Video Link

Seeing the Shadow: Party Documents in Chinese Courts (for HKU staff and students only)

April 15, 2021

Speaker: Professor Benjamin L Liebman, Columbia Law School

China's Gilded Age: The Paradox of Economic Boom and Vast Corruption

March 25, 2021

Speaker: Professor Yuen Yuen Ang, University of Michigan

Event Abstract

Legal Recognition of The Parental Status of Same-sex Couples

March 27, 2021

Speaker: Professor Yang Lixin, Boris Dittrich

Event Abstract

Charity with Chinese Characteristics. Chinese Charitable Foundations between Party-state and Society

February 25, 2021


Benjamin Pissler, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Dr. Katja Levy, Manchester China Institute

Event Abstract

Criminalizing China

January 26, 2021

Speaker: Margaret Lewis, Seton Hall University School of Law

Video Link



Dec 08, 2020

The Rise of China and International Law

by Professor Cai Congya

More Details

Dec 02, 2020

Psychiatry and Mitigating Evidence in Capital Cases  精神醫學與死刑案件中的減緩證據

by Professor John Blume

More Details


Nov 25, 2020

State Building and the Emergence of the Modern Business Corporation

by Professor Taisu Zhang & Professor John Morley

More Details

Nov 07, 2020

MAKING HONG KONG CHINA- The Rollback of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

A Zoom Webinar book talk with author, Michael C. Davis

Read More

Watch Video Archive

Nov 02, 2020

Chinese Law and Development

by Matthew Erie

Read More



Oct 29, 2020

Abuse of Dominance Practice in China

by Janet Hui

Read More

Oct 24, 2020

The Joint Declaration and the National Security Law: An International Law Analysis

中英聯合聲明與港區國安法: 一個國際法的分析

by Professor Chin Leng Lim, Professor Albert H.Y. Chen, Professor John Anthony Carty ​

Read More

Watch Video Archive

Oct 20, 2020

Finance and Fealty: China’s Financial Sector and the Emergence of Mafia-like Business Systems

by Meg Rithmire, F

Read More

Oct 18, 2020


How Chosen Power Advocates On Rights to Decision-Making and Living In Community For Persons with Disabilities

Read More

Oct 08, 2020

Merger Control Practice in China

by Ninette Doodo
Read More


Sep 05, 2020

Freedom of the Press under the National Security Law in Hong Kong

Read More

Sep 03, 2020

US Sanctions on Hong Kong and Its Legal and Financial Implications

Read More

Watch Video Archive


Aug 15, 2020

Academic Freedom in Hong Kong: the Potential Impact of the New National Security Law
Read More

Watch Video Archive


Jul 25, 2020

新加坡與香港國安法的比較研究 Security Laws in Singapore and Hong Kong: A Comparison
by Michael Hor, Kevin Tan (Moderator: Professor Fu Hualing)
Watch Video Archive

Jul 18, 2020

Hong Kong National Security Law and Extraterritoriality 港區國安法與域外管轄

by Professor Fu Hualing, Ling Bing, Li Zhaojie, Peter Chau(Moderator: Professor Albert Chen)

Read More

Watch Video Archive

Jul 11, 2020

"港區國安法" ZOOM 論壇

Zoom Legal Forum on the Hong Kong National Security Law  

Read More

Jul 04, 2020


Balancing Freedom and Security: the Hong Kong National Security Law
by Richard Wong, Albert Chen, Han Dayuan, Johannes Chan Man-mun, Cora Chan, Simon Young, Wang Zhenmin

(Moderator: Fu Hualing)

Read More

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Jun 28, 2020

平等和不歧視原則的在地實踐: 殘障者權利的立法保護和司法救濟

Local Practice of Equality and Non-discrimination: Legislative Protection and Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities

張萬洪, 吳達明

Read More

Jun 27, 2020


Review On the Pandemic-Fighting Policies From a Perspective of Disability Rights

林君潔, 丁鵬

Read More

Jun 9, 2020


Adult Guardianship and Autonomous Decision Making in Chinese Law

黃雪濤, 彭燕輝

Read More


May 28, 2020


Chinese Women's Rights NGO's Policy Advocacy Strategies and Tactics in Last 100 Years


Read More

May 21, 2020


System Construction on the Sexual Assault Crime Prevention-Talking from Taiwan’s experience

Read More

May 20, 2020

Single Women’s Reproductive Rights in China



Read More

May 15, 2020

Coping with Legal Challenges Arising from the Pandemic: A HKU Webinar Series

Assessing the Risks and Uncertainties with the Covid-19 Litigations Against China
by Professor Jacques DeLisle (Moderator: Dr. Angela Zhang)

Read More

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May 14, 2020

The Advocacy Strategies of Same Sex Marriage Movement in Taiwan

臺灣“多元成家”運動的倡導策略系列講座 -【第五講】2018公投戰及公投後社會與政治角力

許秀雯 律師

Read More

May 7, 2020

The Advocacy Strategies of Same Sex Marriage Movement in Taiwan

臺灣“多元成家”運動的倡導策略系列講座 - 【第四講】跨國同婚倡導的初步策略

許秀雯 律師​

Read More


Apr 30, 2020

Women workers' rights in contemporary China


駱紅梅 (點評:王子艷)

Read More

Apr 16, 2020

The Advocacy Strategies of Same Sex Marriage Movement in Taiwan

臺灣“多元成家”運動的倡導策略系列講座 - 【第三講】「同性伴侶註記」政策整合與遊說

by 許秀雯 律師

Read More

Apr 11, 2020

Legal approach to fight internet-facilitated sexual violence


by 張凱強、黃瑞紅、趙丫丫

Read More

Apr 3, 2020

The Disability Perspective on the Global Public Health Crisis


by 黃詩欣、 韓青

Read More


April 2, April 9, 2020

The Advocacy Strategies of Same Sex Marriage Movement in Taiwan




by 許秀雯 律師

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Nov 15, 2019

 [CANCELLED} In Commemoration of Constitutional Review in Taiwan over Seven Decades: Review and Prospects

by 湯德宗 教授

Nov 14, 2019

 [CANCELLED} Dodging Decisions:  Avoiding Responsibility in Chinese Courts

by Professor Benjamin L. Liebman

Nov 8-9, 2019



Read More

Nov 5, 2019

Rights advocacy NGOs in Mainland China (2008-2018): Struggles and Challenges


by 郭彬 (點評人: 李方平)

Read More


Oct 31, 2019

Financial arbitration in China: Current development and future prospect 

by 陳勝

Read More

Oct 24, 2019

Protection of labor rights of disabilities from the perspective of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)—Comparison between the Mainland and Hong Kong
殘疾人權利公約視野下的殘障就業權保護 —基於內地與香港的比

by 蔣濤 (點評人: 郭彬)

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Oct 21, 2019

[50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture Series]

Five Decades of Space Law:Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Space Commercialization
by Yun ZHAO, Henry Cheng Professor in International Law

Read More

Oct 18, 2019

Empires of Vice - The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia

by Diana Kim

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Sep 27, 2019

On the Regulatory Geography of Modern Capitalism: Putting Rule of Law in its Place

by Michael Dowdle

Read More

Sep 27, 2019

Book Launch:  
1) Hybrid Constitutionalism - The Politics of Constitutional Review in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions 
2) Transparency Challenges Facing China 

Read More

Sep 24, 2019

The US-China Trade Negotiation: A Contract Theory Perspective (Paper is available here)

by Dr Angela Zhang (Commentator: Professor Zhiwu Chen)

Read More

Sep 3, 2019

Political Leadership and Hate Speech
by Dr. Alexander Brown

Read More


Aug 16, 2019


by 呂頻


Aug 15, 2019

Orientation and Development of Arbitration Institutions in the Context of the Greater Bay Area

by 羅劍雯教授



Jul 18, 2019   

2-28 and 6-4: Massacres and Memories in Taiwan and China 

by Professor Margaret Lewis

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Jul 3, 2019   

Global Authoritarianism 

by Professor Eva Pils

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Jun 14, 2019   

China and the South China Sea Islands: Ownership in International Law 

by Professor Tony Carty, Beijing Institute of Technology School of Law 

Read More

June 12, 2019   

Soochow Redux: The Many Lives of Soochow Law School 

by Professor Alison Conner

Read More

June 5, 2019   

Models of Integrity Art and Law in Post-Sixties America

by Dr. Joan Kee (Commentators: Yeewan Koon, Monica Lee Steinberg and Marco Wan)

Read More


May 27, 2019   

British Extradition Practice in Early Colonial Hong Kong

by Ivan Lee

Read More

May 6, 2019   


by 張曙博士

Read More


April 29, 2019   


by 童之偉

Read More

April 26, 2019   


by 陳葦教授 

Read More

April 25, 2019   


by 童之偉

Read More

April 24, 2019   

The European Approach to Legal Regulation of Hate Speech     

by Professor Bjørnar Borvik

Read More

April 17, 2019   


by 陳端洪教授

Read More

April 12, 2019   

變遷中的中國公民社會發展 ——以性少數平權、環保、法治領域“自下而上”公共參與為例

by 黃雪琴、趙中、彭燕輝 及 韓呈祥 

Read More

April 8, 2019   


by 秦前紅教授 

Read More

April 4, 2019   


by 秦前紅教授

Read More

April 3, 2019   

How feminists have changed China since the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing 

by Ms. FENG Yuan

Read More

April 3, 2019   


by 魏磊傑博士

Read More


March 29, 2019   

Sulphur emissions from ships and BIMCO’s 2020 Marine Fuel Sulphur Content/Fuel Transition Clauses for Time Charter Parties: a step in the right direction?   

by Professor Filippo Lorenzon

Read More

March 27, 2019   


by 翁岳生教授

Read More

March 26, 2019   

Heritage and the Historic Environment: Why should we care about the past? 

by Mrs Carole Souter CBE

Read More

March 25, 2019   




Read More

March 21, 2019   



Read More

March 14, 2019   

The Constitutional Interpretation of One-Country, Two-Systems  

Professor Zhang Qianfan

Read More



December 21, 2018        

Recent Amendments of Taiwan's Company Law 

Professor Wen Yeu Wang

Read More

December 4, 2018        


Read More


November 29, 2018        

Chinese Americans in US-China Relations: Promise and Peril

Professor Frank H. Wu

Read More

November 22, 2018        

What is Finance for? A Functional Framework for Finance and Law

Professor Thomas Coendet

Read More

November 21, 2018        



Read More

November 19, 2018        



Read More

November 14, 2018        



Read More


October 31, 2018        



Read More

October 25, 2018        


朱姍姍, 南京師範大學法學院

Read More

October 4, 2018        

Interplay between Centralized Judicial Control and Local Protectionism – Empirical Study of China Supreme People’s Court’s Decisions on Non-enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (1995-2015)

Professor Shen Wai

Read More


June 7, 2018        

Regulating Religious Fraud in Taiwan and Hong Kong: A Comparative Study on the Convergences and Deviations in the Understanding of Religious Freedom

Chen Jianlin

Read More



May 2, 2018        

"Chuangkou Justice" in China's Myriad Bureaucracies

Mr. Edward Epstein

Read More




April 27, 2018        


Dr. Maria Federica Moscati

Read More

April 10, 2018        

Varieties of Independent Directors in Asia - A Taxonomy

Dr. Dan W. Puchniak

Read More

April 12, 2018        

Radical Federalism

Professor Roderick M. Hills, Jr.

Read More



第一講: 網絡空間的國際法問題

第二講: 數字經濟及智慧城市

Read More

April 18, 2018        

Implications of the Hague Choice of Court Convention in the Asia-Pacific

Professor Yuko Nishitani

Read More



第一講: 內地青年女權運動的發展 (簡報)

第二講: 內地單身女性的生育權 (簡報)

第三講:  內地性別歧視個案的概況 (簡報)




March 21, 2018        

Towards Juristocracy? The Case of Taiwan Constitutional Court

Mr. Chien-Chih Lin

Read More

March 22, 2018        

Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in China: Promising Developments, Prospective Challenges and Proposed Solutions

Dr. Jeanne Huang

Read More


January 16, 2018        

Learning Western Techniques of Empire: Republican China and the New Legal Framework for Managing Tibet

Dr. Maria Adele Carrai

Read More

January 23, 2018        

Law & Religious Market Theory: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Dr. Chen Jianlin

University of Melbourne

Read More

January 26, 2018        

Hanjin Shipping’s Liquidation: Further Discussion and Next Steps

Professor In-Hyeon Kim

Korea University

Read More



September 15, 2017        

Is the System of Shadow Banking in China a Risk for the Chinese Financial System? 

Dr. Oriol Caudevilla

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Read More

September 21, 2017        

Constitutional Re-balance: Hong Kong’s Democracy and Rule of Law


Tian Feilong (田飛龍)

Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Beihang University

Read More


August 10, 2017             

Anchoring Effect and Sentencing Disparity: A statistical Analysis

Prof. Xifen Lin (林喜芬)

KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Read More

August 11, 2017             

Anti-Terrorism Legal System in Mainland China


Prof. Wang Shizhou (王世洲)

Peking University Law School

Read More

August 22, 2017    

Regulating the Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights under the Anti-Monopoly Law of China

Dr. Farrukh Nawaz Kayani

KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Read More


July 17, 2017                  

The Struggle for Labour Rights as Human Rights in China – Understanding the Debates among Rights Defenders 

Dr. Eva Pils

Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London

Read More

July 19, 2017

Recovering China’s Constitutional Tradition since Ancient Times 重現中國自古以來的憲法傳統

Prof. Victoria Hui

University of Notre Dame

Read More



June 7, 2017                    

Hong Kong's National Education and National Identity: Challenges, Rethink and Breakthroughs under "One Country, Two Systems"

A Talk by Dr. Kang Yumei (康玉梅)

Tsinghua University School of Law

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June 8, 2017

How Many People were there? Case Studies of June 4th and July 1st Demonstrations in Hong Kon

Dr. Edwin Chow

Department of Geography at Texas State University

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June 16, 2017

A Philosophical Foundation of Human Rights in East Asia 

Prof. Akihiko Morita

Shokei Gakuin University

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June 19, 2017                  

Two Teams or One? The Relationship between Political Appointees and Civil Servants in Hong Kong

Mr. Henry Ho

One Country Two Systems Youth Forum

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May 4, 2017

Early Spring of Ad Hoc Arbitration and Progressive Reform of Arbitration Institution in Mainland China


Dr. Wang Qianhua (王千華)

Hong Kong and Macau Basic Laws Research Institute, Shenzhen University

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May 5, 2017

Legal Orientalism and Oriental Legalism

Dr. Thomas Coendet

KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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May 9, 2017   

Mass Digitization of Chinese Court Decisions: How to Use Text as Data in the Field of Chinese Law

Prof. Benjamin L. Liebman

Center for Chinese Legal Studies at Columbia Law School

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May 10, 2017

Invoice-related Crimes: an Analysis of Difficult Cases and a Reflection on the Legislation


A Talk by Dr. Wang Peifen (王佩芬)

Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

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May 11, 2017                  

On the Traditional China and the “Universal Value”from Ya-Pian-Shi-Lve(A Sketch of Opium)


Dr. Zhang Tiantian (張田田)

Shenyang Normal University School of Law

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May 29, 2017

Patent Challenge Clauses: A New Antitrust Offense

Dr. Alan D. Miller

Faculty of Law of the University of Haifa

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April 6, 2017                   

Terrorism Challenges and Legal Response from Global Perspective


Mr. Sun Ang (孫昂)

Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC

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April 6, 2017                   

The latest development of the draft convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment and its challenges to HK 《關於承認與執行外國法院判決公約》的談判進展與對香港的挑戰

Prof. He Qisheng (何其生)

Wuhan University Law School

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April 7, 2017

Terrorism and the Emergence of Preventive Security Law

Prof. Ulrich Sieber

Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law

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April 13, 2017                 

Saving lives in the Supreme People's Court: the role of defense lawyer in the Death Penalty Review


Mr. Sun Zhongwei (孫中偉)

Beijing Sun Zhongwei Law Firm

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April 19, 2017                 

The Origin and Evolution of China’s Institutions: A Comparative Institutional Analysis

Prof. Xu Chenggang

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

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April 20, 2017

The Making of the Modern Chinese State: Cement, Legal Personality and Industry   

Dr. Humphrey Ko

Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

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April 24, 2017                 

An Institutional Approach to Law – a Historical Study of Judges and the Rule of Law in the West   

Prof. Hans Petter Graver

University of Oslo

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Governing the Global Governors: The Competence and Constraints of International Administrative Tribunals

A Talk by Mr. Peter Quayle

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

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April 26, 2017

Chinese (PRC & ROC) Nationality Laws and Reconceptualizing Asian-American Identity

Dr. Norman P. Ho

Peking University School of Transnational Law

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March 1, 2017

Student Data Protection in the Digital Era 

Dr. Kai Feng

America-China Law Institute of China University of Political Science and Law

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March 13, 2017

Radical Federalism

Prof. Roderick M. Hills, Jr.

New York University School of Law

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Inaugural Law and Economics Lecture: A Transaction Cost Account of Property Rights: A Tribute to Ronald Coase

Prof. Richard Epstein

New York University School of Law

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March 21, 2017

How Lenders Evaluate Lawsuits?

Evidence from Corporate Bond Market

Dr. Haitian Lu

School of Accounting and Finance, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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March 30, 2017 

The Cases of Langyashan Warriors (狼牙山五壯士) and Their Implications

A Talk by Dr. Yan Mei Ning (甄美玲)

Shantou University Law School

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February 10, 2017

A New Deal for China’s Workers?

Prof. Cynthia Estlund

New York University School of Law

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February 14, 2017

The Hanjin Shipping Rehabilitation – Commercial and Legal Impacts within and outside of South Korea

Prof. In-Hyeon Kim

Korea University

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February 15, 2017

China and the Death of American Comparative Law 

Prof. Jedidiah Joseph Kroncke

FGV Sao Paulo Law School

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January 12, 2017

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the ICCPR