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Congratulations to Professor Zhao Yun on his appointment as the Representatives of the Asia Pacific Regional Office of the Hague Conference on Private International Law

Haochen Sun

Dr Haochen Sun awarded HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2020

General Research Fund (GRF) grants by the Research Grants Council in the 2020/21: Dr Clement Chen, Accountability in Algorithm-assisted Sanctions: Public Law Scrutiny of China’s Social Credit System, $705,920 Prof Frank He Xin, The Personal Safety Protection Order against Domestic Violence in China, $924,000 Dr Michael Ng, Liberating Hong Kong: The awakening of freedom of expression and the rule of law in British Hong Kong (1978-1997), $591,400

Zoom Webinar on "Freedom of the Press under the National Security Law in Hong Kong"

Equality Rights (平權在線) project - focusing on the reserach of equlity rights of gender, employment and disability in Mainland China.

傅華伶教授: 評香港特區「唐英傑案」,「香港國家安全法理論與實踐學術研討會」 (September 11, 2020)

陳弘毅:兩制實施出問題 國安法未必能解 , 「香港國家安全法理論與實踐學術研討會」 (Ming Pao, September 14, 2020)

Zoom Webinar on "US Sanctions on Hong Kong and Its Legal and Financial Implications"

Interview with HKU Law Recipients of RGC Prestigious Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences

Congratulations to Dr Shitong Qiao on being awarded tenure and the title of Associate Professor at HKU's Faculty of Law.

Online seminar on "Assessing the Risks and Uncertainties with the Covid-19 Litigations Against China" was presented by the Director of the Center for Chinese Law, Dr Angela Zhang, and Stephen A. Cozen

RTHK interviews Prof. Albert Chen (25 May 2020)

Ming Pao interviews Prof. Fu Hualing (3 May 2020)

Michael Ng Takes Up Co-editorship of Routledge Law in Asia Book Series

Congratulations to Prof. He Xin and Dr Gu Weixia who were successful in the 2019-2020 round of research grant funding by Hong Kong's Research Grants Council

Congratulations to Professor Shahla Ali who was awarded the University of Hong Kong's Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2019 (Faculty of Law)

Professor Yun Zhao Appointed Henry Cheng Professor in International Law (HKU)

Award Winning Competition Law Scholarship by Dr Angela Zhang (2019)

Michael Ng's Law Book for Kids Profiled in KE Newsletter (HKU)

Richard Cullen on a Conspicuous Innovation in Chinese Jurisprudence: the Advisory Interpretation (IPP Review)

Hualing Fu on Lawyers for Human Rights Protection: from Legal Aid to Political Lawyering (new book chapter)

Congratulations to Dr Yahong Li and her PhD students in Chinese Intellectual Property

"Outstanding new book on the Chinese legal system", review of KH Ng & Xin He's Embedded Courts: Judicial Decision-Making in China

Weixia Gu Elected Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)

Dr Yahong Li Elected to the Executive Committee of ATRIP

Albert Chen: A Perfect Storm: How the Proposed Law on Hong Kong-Mainland China Rendition was Aborted (Verfassungsblog)

Clement Chen on China's Social Credit System and fajia (Legalism) (Verfassungsblog)

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