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Faculty of Law's Results of RGC's GRF and ECS (2021/22 Exercise)

The Philip K.H. Wong Centre for Chinese Law would like to congratulate our affiliated faculty members for winning several grants from the General Research Fund and Early Career Scheme. Out of the 8 GRF awards granted to the Faculty of Law this year, 6 of those awards were won by the Philip K.H. Wong Centre for Chinese Law’s affiliated faculty members. Congratulations to Shahla Ali, Angela Zhang, James D. Fry, Weixia Gu, Jedidiah Kroncke, Shitong Qiao and Benjamin Chen for securing a total of $5.96 million in funding. The​ projects cover topics ranging from China’s digital economy, international arbitration and dispute resolution, social issues, and the legal profession. We wish all of our faculty good luck in the pursuit of their vital research.

The details of the new funded projects are as follows:



Professor Shahla Ali 

Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure? Assessing the Development of Dispute Prevention Mechanisms along the Belt and Road, HK$780,059


Ms Daisy Cheung

Deciding what is best for you: Best interest determinations on behalf of persons without capacity in the Chinese context, HK$443,426


Dr James Fry

The Role of Peace Movements in the 1899 Creation of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, HK$291,904


Dr Weixia Gu

The Global Rise of the International Commercial Courts: Power Dynamics and Transnational Legal Order, HK644,385


Dr Jed Kroncke

The Modern Re-Engineering of East Asian Lawyers, HK$540,881


Professor Shitong Qiao

The Authoritarian Commons: The Co-Evolution of Law and Social Norms in China's Urban Residential Neighborhoods, HK$1,255,474


Dr Angela Zhang

Decentralizing Platform Governance: Innovations from China, HK$656,825


Dr Anya Adair (cross appointed with Faculty of Arts)

The 'Statuta Vetera' Manuscript, c. 1280-1520: Production and Use of a Medieval Legal Bestseller, HK$599,209

To learn more about the projects, visit: HKU Legal Scholarship Blog: RGC Awards $5.96 Million in Research Funding to HKU Law 2021/22

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