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MAKING HONG KONG CHINA -The Rollback of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Nov 07, 2020

by Professor Michael C. Davis

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The Joint Declaration and the National Security Law: An International Law Analysis

Oct 24, 2020

by Professor Chin Leng Lim, Professor Albert H.Y. Chen, Professor John Anthony Carty

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Roundtable “One Country, Two Systems” after the National Security Law Reflections

Sep 26, 2020

by Xingzhong Yu, Jie Cheng , Yan Xiaojun  (Moderator:: Professor Hualing Fu/ Discussant: Professor Albert Chen)

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Freedom of the Press under the National Security Law in Hong Kong

Sep 05, 2020

by Sharron Fast, Cliff Buddle and Professor Cherian George (Moderator:: Professor Hualing Fu/ Discussant: Christine Loh)

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US Sanctions on Hong Kong and Its Legal and Financial Implications

Sep 03, 2020

by Benjamin Kostrzewa, Elizabeth Rosenberg and Victor Shih (Moderator: Angela Zhang)

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Academic Freedom in Hong Kong: the Potential Impact of the New National Security Law

Aug 15, 2020

by Professor Carole Petersen, Kelley Loper and Robert Quinn )

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Security Laws in Singapore and Hong Kong : A Comparison

Jul 25, 2020

by Professor Michael Hor and Kevin Tan (Moderator:: Professor Hualing Fu)

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Hong Kong National Security Law and Extraterritoriality

Jun 11, 2020

by Professor Fu Hualing, Professor Ling Bing, Professor Li Zhaojie and Peter Chau (Moderator: Professor Albert Chen)

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Balancing Freedom and Security the Hong Kong National Security Law

Jul 4, 2020

by Professor Albert Chen, Professor Johannes Chan SC, Dr Cora Chan, Professor Simon Young

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Assessing the Risks and Uncertainties with the Covid-19 Litigations Against China

May 15, 2020
by Professor Jacques DeLisle (Moderator: Dr. Angela Zhang)

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Extradition Law and Human Rights: Does the Hong Kong Government’s Bill Provide Sufficient Safeguard for Our Rights?

Jun 11, 2019

by Professor Johannes Chan SC, Dr Cora Chan, Prof Albert Chen, Professor Ian Grenville Cross Mr Philip Dykes,Dr Asad Kiyani, Dr Margaret Ng, Sir Geoffrey Nice and Mr Mark Summers

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The Modernization of the Judiciary in Taiwan

Mar 27, 2019

by Professor Weng Yueh-sheng

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Five Decades of Constitutional Change in Hong Kong and East Asia: A Macro-historical Perspective

Mar 15, 2019

by Professor Albert Chen

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CCL Talk: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the ICCPR

Jan 16, 2017

by Professor Jerome A. Cohen

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